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About Insurance Credit Scoring

An insurance credit score is derived from your credit history. Companies use the scores, along with other factors, to estimate the risk of having you as a policyholder, and to decide if it will sell you a policy and at what cost.

Companies that Use Insurance Credit Scoring: Personal Auto | Homeowners

Companies that don't use insurance credit scoring.

Credit Information

Insurance companies may consider your credit information to make decisions about whether to insure you and what rates to charge. A company can't refuse to sell you a policy or cancel or non-renew your policy solely based on your credit. The way companies use credit information and the factors they consider vary by company.

Companies will consider your credit information for underwriting, tiering, or rating.

Commonly Used Variables

"Accounts" may include mortgages, auto loans, credit card accounts, or retail accounts.

Companies must file their insurance credit scoring models with TDI. To request a copy of a company's insurance credit scoring model, please submit an open records request to the Texas Department of Insurance in an email to OpenRecords@tdi.texas.gov.

Also visit the Credit Scoring page for more information.

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