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How does an Agent access Helpinsure Market Connection

Below are the steps necessary for an Agent to access Helpinsure Market Connection (HMC).

  1. From the Helpinsure website select the Market Connection tab
  2. Select the Agent Log-in
  3. Select Create/Maintain Account - Licensed insurance agents must create an account via the TDI Public Account Management System.
    • Select Create New Account
    • Enter user name, e-mail address, and password (re-enter password)
    • Select Create Account
    • Select User Role - HiMktIndustryAgent
    • Select Add selected roles to my profile
    • Log-out
  4. Log into your Account - Licensed agents may log in to Helpinsure Market Connection at http://www.helpinsure.com/market/index.html, please select the Agent Log-in link.

    Enter the e-mail address and password you used when registering in the TDI Public Account Management System. Please note both the e-mail address and password are case sensitive.
    Enter your agent license number and date of birth.

Provided all the information you have entered is correct, you will gain access to your agent profile; your name, license number, and appointments will be listed. Through your profile, you will be able to provide contact information and update your marketing status for various coverage categories. This information will be used to populate agent lists for consumers to search based on the coverage they are seeking.

Currently, we do not have the ability to add an agency. We do plan on adding this in the future as an enhancement to Market Connection. However for the present time, agencies can add one or all of its agents. In addition, there is space in the agent's profile for additional marketing information. The name of the agency can be entered there along with an agency website or other useful information.

To make changes to your agent's license or agency license, please contact the TDI Agent's License division at License@tdi.state.tx.us to make the necessary changes.

NOTE: The Insurer Registration Form is intended for insurance company personnel to designate a representative to access the Helpinsure Market Connection application and specify the types of insurance the company markets. It is not necessary for an agent to complete this form.

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Last updated: 10/07/2015

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